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tv   Documentary  RT  July 20, 2014 11:29am-12:01pm EDT

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rant that he made against a woman who believed that the radio host was taking mocking photographs of her and got aggressive with him who may claim to just be taking pictures of time square now normally what you do outside of work shouldn't matter but with public personalities i can see how people want them to have good behavior all the time but the problem is that guys like him are put on the airwaves to have bad behavior what does the sirius x.m. company expect from people they put on air to be wild and raunchy this is typical corporate boardroom mentality well we want morning gigi's to be really crazy and shocking but not too crazy and shocking hey i don't have a horse in this race i actually think the opie and anthony show is pretty dismal but when i see someone getting fired for wacky shock jock stuff that is in a way kind of part of his job well it just seems very hypocritical to me but that's just my opinion.
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i'm happy martin the stories we cover here we're not going to hear any right out of a star at the. same time there's a reason they don't want to know more. now let's break the set. knees today and signs of montreal
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are worthless to a peace treaty. many many hospitals see astro's france where an adult strangers are fees to release a case saying i want to stick to the silica i'm still. weren't worried i've. heard. it. i'm working on the story about euthanasia and it's a really controversy one thing i really want to cover and as a reporter in order for it in our my boss to send me to paul's room i have to nail down these an early means and then pitch it back to her no way. have i why are you crying oh you i'm doing well ok so looks like without you no use
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for the belgian story really yeah so what do they usually must not let you know of course sir we have four so far and i'm hoping for that's why i said i would like to do this ok ok here let's go let's go to brussels for a couple of days siesta i think it's not here all right with latin thank you. i'll go to brussels and hold the storable smoke a cigar i use. to make this a killer story because i have to work and i really get at this job and i do not care if they think. i am working ten times harder than anybody and i really i am going to go put my head and bowl because i think fair with washed hair and because i over processed me which i'll go eyeball i'm going to just. that
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. we are going to interview the caliber of nurse. thing and scare deals with terminally ill kids. and. they're going to. meet families who've lost children to cancer. really go in there. olsen we're going to interview them and we're going to get on the ground floor of what euthanasia would do to these families because the one interview that i noticed was watching an interview on our t.v. the guy who passed this film didn't have any children didn't have a single patient question to finish so we're going to put a face on the story. for people. i'm going to face on the story people think will get it. when you clean.
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this is the first time about leaving the country for a story for our t.v. . it's awesome it's awesome because you're you're pretty good at this come together because i get to do that and we're in your work you know. how. my first time. and i will feel better once i get i'm right. well this story is critical to me because i like the subject better i think the political scientist in me i was like what this is going to do to belgium i'd like to i don't i don't like the fact that they cast this but i like. being able to dissect this. it's important for me as
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a journalist to cover this because it's a hard hitting piece and i need this i need this story. when the village cold already. and away had to meet a family. of basically going to show us how they survived the winter in the great siberia. more importantly in the coldest place in the world and i come. because. there is french but it's so i see that makes it difficult to just. read. isn't that weird. i'm just happy to be out of the city to be honest it's kind of nice to be in a huge little village would you just come in and it smells of home cooked meals and it's pretty face is and this is probably our first really good
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meal. i'm so. excited to move in this house with them and i'm going there most. people will know better have a good journalist and go home brew and want to. just say that they just using lots of butter i love but i think. there is there room. they don't know me yet i'll. tell. my. october to back out on how will you. kindly tell me because i've noticed that everything here gets used so and she just said to. me part of an
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animal. well if. you know the whole of my instrument. test ions and stuff and then the bloods and freeze in them and then. so i think i love that they don't waste a new thing because in the west we waste so many things so much food is being wasted and i would hear every single thing. from blood being. tested. it sounds good but you've got to give it up to them affect that. you know they make most of of every single thing that they have out here. it doesn't look appetizing but i am so glad we're going to move. into. so i'm curious can i can i get that you can get my trying. you. know it's we should be reading. from monday from me and told
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me. and this is the stomach of what. the children. we've always be. above. where the table looks amazing. where the roof put this. ok what do i do with this dream ok thank you. but. if you measure it three times to. make everything's ok. so by you know toasting three times it means that everything is going to be ok.
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for everyone to go i'll share something. that's going to get us out of this problem that yemenite you know from the local thank you very very soon so we have liver and fat then we have intestines in blood taito smush room. a lovely source of. vegetables. butter homemade butter some raspberries here in this mix very beautiful which. we see bus. so we haven't tried soup. so. that's why home. my life is complete should this my life is no. soup.
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it's going to taste like a lonely. why does. no one poet who has the right. and that the side bear influenced. and poorly. we need a tax in. here so i guess it was because that's the best you can do but it's going to take forever ok they're easier to go to the effect. you're right. so his advice he started to call one is we stand at the stop the process frequently apparently we need to stand the rain throughout forty minutes great great.
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time. are serious about. what we mean it's now. because there's such. pressure.
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but if you take the stress out of my commute i'm fine i don't need coming to the city. why did we get to the back of the line. and never late and i hate that feeling. paid to scaling. back. the bad advice given to do was anybody who was as we got a taxi bad but news these places like hope an hour away from to try let's get him go it's time for you like it's fine all right we're not really we should call rude late already and let's find. ruthlessly ok ok if we have to be followed around by we make a great team guy fine fine fine which is incredibly hard to swallow because there's
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no legwork on his part. and they're still not even at our meeting and like that we have stuff we have led works all the deal he's not interested in doing and i don't mean to bash colleague because i hate people like that to bash other people i'm not trying to do that that there are still a lot of legwork here to do and it would be helpful if i actually did have a partner to do that way it's a speed limits. a journalist are supposed to deal with any situation and. special way. it's because like climbing was really really bad. you know when you are. in on a trip like this with a very short period of time to fill up so the everything. you need to be like. able to be working like this you know and he doesn't know where you're going goes like time is precious and you can waste any any second of touch here is the address
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and that's where we are nel right here right here and you talk to him before sorry right there on the. base think i'm so stupid. if you does i'm serious this is i can't believe all. speed all. these good deeds with these economic ups and downs in the final months day the
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london deal sank night and the rest of the flight so you need a keep building every week. right from the scene. first for you and i think the true. on our reporters twitter. and instagram. the old little. i wonder if allegations of propaganda also represent a form of propaganda because what you do is essentially diligent to my i think it's force without looking at the context of alice looking at this problem. and that's not what i think of a real problem i think the political culture may need to play much to school in the
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old days don't be a crime crisis somebody take seven friends. on the block maybe on the side you're going to be able in most of you know i'm god basically forcing the home of the reporter. and i think there's a need for that all the discussion about. your friend posts a photo from of the tray should you chart for. the different. the boss repeats the same old joke of course you like. your ex-girlfriend still tends to rejection poetry keep. ignore it. we post only what really matters at r.t. to your facebook u. street. if you want to know.
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how are you. so despite me going over this this morning. and sleeping. and getting out and worst thing that's. still been another. which is amazing amazing. so we went to the hospital with a similar address to the wrong hospital. and we're able to get that interview rescheduled for this afternoon and in the meantime we're doing the dad who lost his daughter his interview now. we're on we're on our way to his house. and i want to stress this i have no one helping me i have no one helping me i have another person who wants the story and once cameras i have no one helping me.
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or you want to do this. ok how because. i just want to talk to them one on one christiane if they can find if it takes for me to get what i need from them. because. it's good. fun yeah. ok. but. i have to spend. a lot of thank you. have you will be milking a car and we have only one page because of the smile there. very terrible and i had
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to do it quickly so that i was postponed i smell like that actually. the great thing that i'm going to not the size you want to see just before you go. it's that i've seen what i think. about i know my god what a little bit of go go go you know i think. we're going to get. that. little bit. of anything believe that. every city year old dreams of this moment in the group and i'm about to hold it all up. oh no i feel that i'm hurting him oh.
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he's going through. ok. i'm. sorry mirabelle money. oh my god this bill we had over him about this is the biggest thing. as a little boy we're. going to we're going to have in this. city girl i didn't think i would be able to do it but i did it and there is a reason why they're wonderful people. who do follow me because i am not a farmer but i still did it so i'm i'm happy about it. we got that i think he's grown up.
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oh my god it is so good to have some kind of fresh air and. it's not like i don't know. but i got to do some milking even though it wasn't perfect. and i don't want to tell you what it feels like exactly but i'm pretty sure most of you can work out what i'm trying to say and. that's what i need more practice. anyway so you've got a school. mind trying to get somebody here get the. except with a calm. down real life. anyway called rez. probably brad thank you what happened to you you know if you buy a painting. and only we. will that we call
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will go. on oh. how how what are you going to commit seven days to release here i mean it's a pleasure to give your home for no good thank you very much. ok so. it's just. this interview if you. don't want to be in the know when you're done well we're going to take you upstairs and if we're going to go through her. parents sometime soon. do you mind if we do that right after i say i
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hope i get in for his can. actually i was really sticking it out i want to take you now concedes. we. are welcome back later i guess. on. our way here. so the reason we're here is to talk about your daughter. and who she was and if you could just start from the start from the beginning from the very beginning. the very beginning of the whole truth whose name is what i was born force of september nineteenth one thousand one. she was born after eighty years of art working because we couldn't have children. but then she came.
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and we were so proud and so happy about that and the she she grew up without any problems and suddenly she said to us. my my legs. we're me anymore and we went to the hospital and off to the three days of intensive research we had to hear that she had to. look in you was there a time in your daughter's illness when you knew this is the time we prepare for well i want to prepare yes. so as i told you. every scene went quite positively. till. two may two thousand and six. because the doctor told me that
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one months before she died that she would die. and it was a horrible period when i see kids. want who aren't carrying or aren't loving their parents and so on i'm sorry about that she had to just to lead. i think what. called. different. rights the child would have been down ok and i would not be you wouldn't be ok with that writes. i do i do i do. we. really carefully you couldn't tell if it was a sadistic shell's cautious much much focused to essentially love probably have
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less carol or make. friends and so she. ok. never cried on camera just so unprofessional. for ya. it's all the people don't see right while we're but they watch t.v. it was so frustrating when the guy was so we've been talking on the couch for what felt like for ever that story took for ever and he held it together and then we talk about the day his daughter is dying and how he never cried and then our camera guys decide they've had enough filming and they say we're going to get some kind of ways now go around the couch the back of the guy's head and he starts sobbing well having to share the interview is fine i wish that the process that i
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had laid down before we started had been respected that was not a gentlemanly thing to do or a colleague thing to do if i were the reporter that was covering the story i would never violate my colleague's request i would respect their whatever they're doing wait until they're done and then get the interview i would never butt in and erupt it and go ok it's my turn can you i know you're not done but this is what i want and could you please shoot my best side that would never happen to me i would like tomorrow i would like to be able to control my own interview i said this interview this is my guest this is my story i'm being hijacked i don't want somebody waiting like a hal and for than i can't that's free to kill it. waters
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they have the bomb to me because. you have a new. prophet drowns out on the tissue inquiry furthermore restriction. really knows what's.
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underneath join me. for india impartial and financial footing commentary for this and much much. only on time passed and. i think the afghans are invincible they're two independent minded they love freedom . they don't want to see foreigners in their country and will fight a war till the end. sigrid laboratory was able to build a new most sophisticated robots. don't amount to anything toons mission to teach creation why it should care about humans in the world this is why you
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should care only. headlines in r.t. rebel leaders an eastern ukraine say they have the flight recorders from the malaysian airliner on a ready to on them over to international investigators. questions pile up over the tragedy we take a look at some of the on explain details including why the strayed from its usual routes and why the spot just told it to reduce altitude. also coming up civilian deaths go largely unnoticed in the government stronghold in eastern ukraine has. its military onslaught in the wake of the playing russian.


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